Terms and conditions

Rental Agreement

These conditions are a part of the rental agreement and must be signed by the renter.
The renter is responsible for the entire camper and it’s condition with all it’s accessories and belongings for the entire rental period. This period starts at the moment of departure and ends at the return of the camper. It is obligatory for the renter to inform camperfun of all damages and flaws when they occur. Withholding information can imply full deduction of the security deposit.

Obligations Camperfun

Camperfun is obligated to deliver the camper as follows:

In time and according to legal requirements (APK; General Periodical Inspection);
In good condition and complete with inventory and accessories;
- With the required documents, such as insurance and registration;
With sufficient instructions;

Obligations Renter

The renter is obligated:

- To pay for the owing rent sum or cancellation fee, even if the renter does not use the camper, or uses it for a shorter period of time
- To use the camper only for camping intentions, make no alterations to the camper;
- To follow the instructions of Camperfun;
- Not to lend or rent the camper to others;
- To make sure that the camper will only be driven by the renter and the authorized second driver stated in the contract.
- The minimum age of all drivers is 25 years, the drivers  must own a valid  drivers license for three years or longer.
  (for groups younger than 30 years old we charge a double security deposit of 2000 euro.)


Costs that have a direct relation with using the camper, for example: fuel, oil, tires, repairing or replacing, fines, legal costs etc. are the responsibility of the renter.
Necessary costs for normal maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of Camperfun.
- In case of mechanical defects, repairs or damages the renter must always contact Camperfun by telephone +31 610009969 / +31 64042666 / +31 528344992. Costs for repairs that have been carried out without consulting Camperfun will never lead to reimbursement.
- Repairs that have been carried out after approval of Camperfun will only be reimbursed if the renter provides Camperfun with the original specified invoices together with the replaced broken part(s). Camperfun is discharged of any reimbursement if the invoices and/or replaced parts are not handed over. Reimbursement of invoices in foreign currencies will be done according to the exchange rate on the date of repair.
- Repairs, the fixing of flaws or expanding the inventory by the renter, without approval of Camperfun, will never, in any case, result in any reimbursement or compensation.


The booking is final after paying the required sum stated in the confirmation/invoice. Hereby the renter confirms that he has received and read the booking and general conditions of Camperfun and that he agrees to them. 


The renter must pay the complete rent sum or down payment stated in the invoice he has received. 
The payment must be done as 

- Within 7 days after booking, the sum mentioned on the invoice including insurance and cancellation premiums must be paid to Camperfun.
- The remainder of the rent sum including the € 1.000,-  deposit must be paid ultimately six weeks before the start of the rental period.
- The payable amounts on the invoice must be available to Camperfun on the mentioned dates.
- If the renter is neglectful in his payments Camperfun can decide to hand over the invoice to a credit collector. Any resulting costs (legal and/or non-legal and interest costs) must be paid by the renter. At all times Camperfun then holds the right to cancel the contract without any legal interference such as a judge.
- If the start date of the rental period lies eight weeks or less in the future, the total rent sum including premiums and deposit mentioned on the invoice must be paid to Camperfun within 7 days after booking.


- Changes in the contract and/or general conditions are only valid if the renter and Camperfun have agreed to this in writing.
- Renting a camper can only be done by the renter self.
- The completed booking form, the signed contract and general conditions are considered to form a whole. Damages caused by incorrect reproduction of facts and/or matters must be compensated entirely by the renter.


The renter has to cancel by registered letter. The date of mail delivery is considered as the date of cancellation. In case of a cancellation the renter owes:

-     Till 10 wks prior to start date of rental period       :   25% of the rent sum
-     Till 6 wks prior to start date of rental period         :   50% of the rent sum
-     Till the start date of rental period                       :   90% of the rent sum
-     On the start date of rental period                       : 100% of the rent sum


In all reason Camperfun will attempt to rent out the camper for the same rental period or a part of it. If Camperfun succeeds the                       cancellation fee will be decreased proportional, deducted with the administrative expenses of € 65,- and the extra costs.
Early return of the rented camper will never lead to a (partial) restitution of the rent sum.

Cancelation Insurance

To cover the risk of cancellation the renter must make a contract for a cancellation insurance with Camperfun. Expedition of a claim will be done by the insurer. This does not dismiss the renter of his obligations stated in article 1 and 3. The cost of this insurance is 4% of the rental sum (incl. VAT) and  €  6,- insurance policy costs.


- If one party fails to meet his obligations, the other party reserves the right to cancel the contract completely or partially. This right is not applicable if the shortcoming is of  a very extraordinary sort or of a very small extent. Furthermore compensation of damages can be claimed, unless the shortcoming cannot be held against the other party.
- In case of complete or partial cancellation of the contract due to shortcoming of Camperfun, Camperfun will reimburse the complete or partial rent sum. If the shortcoming concerns a non delivery of a specific camper, Camperfun holds the right to provide a similar camper which at least meets the specifications of the original booked camper. Kind and color may differ.
- If the renter returns the camper late, Camperfun is entitled to a compensation of  € 230,- per overdue day or part of the overdue day. Also a 15% of the total rental sum as compensation and any other caused damages.
- Additional kilometers, on top of the kilometers that were included in the rental contract and agreed upon beforehand, will be charged according to the kilometer price stated in the contract.
- If the additional kilometers will add up to a 1000 kilometers or more, the renter must inform and pay Camperfun beforehand.


In every case of loss, theft, seizure or damage the renter must always contact Camperfun by telephone +31 64042666 or +31 528344992 as soon as possible. The renter must follow the instructions of Camperfun at all times.
- The renter is responsible for the damage and the related transport and towing costs to a maximum of the damage weaver, unless the renter is not responsible.
- In case the camper is seized by a (local) government because of (suspected) illegal activity by the renter(such as drug trafficking), the renter must completely compensate Camperfun for all damages suffered. This compensation can exceed the deposit. All costs, legal an non-legal, that have been made by Camperfun due to the seizure of the camper must be paid by the renter.
- The damage weaver amounts € 750,- per damage. And a € 1000,- per overhead damage. If necessary the damage weaver will be deducted from the deposit.
- Camperfun can never be held responsible for personal and/or material damage to the renter or histravel companions, caused by the use of the camper, a mechanical defect and/or a collision.
- Camperfun is not required to account for the damage amount (After professional examination), Renter is allowed to do a contra- expertise, for his own cost.
- It is not allowed to attach anything to the camper this also applies to adhesives and stickers, apart from compulsory adhesives on the inside of the windscreen from authorities.


The camper is delivered as follows:

Outside clean
-     Inside clean
-     Fuel tank filled
-     Clean fridge
-     Water tank empty
-     Dirty water tank empty
-     Toilet empty
-     Clean toilet area
-     Clean kitchen

Smoking is not allowed and pets are also not allowed in the camper! € 500,- fine will be charged if these rules are violated.
- The camper must be returned in the same state as it was delivered to the renter by Camperfun. 
- If the deposit proves to be insufficient for the payment of damages, compensations or costs, the renter must immediately hand over the remaining amount.
Only written complaints will be handled

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Foreign customers
Visiting hours Camperfun
At what time can you can pick up the camper/bring back 
Where can you pick up the camper/bring back
What are the costs
How to make a reservation

extra charges
drivers license

Important information

1. Foreign customers

- Our depot in is only 10 minutes from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport 
- Bedding and towels available on request 
- GPS available on request
- Scooters or bikes available on request
- We expect the camper back with an empty and clean toilet and refrigerator. 
- Fly-Drive is possible in any mayor European city with an Airport
- Do you have special needs, feel free to send an email, we are happy to help you!

2. Visiting hours Camperfun.nl

Monday till Saturday from 10:00 till 17:00 hour.
After opening hours you can get help, please let us know.
Camperfun Hoogeveen is closed on Sundays! 

3. Picking up and dropping off your motorhome

Outside high season
The rental period can start or end any working day of the week, the hours of pickup and drop-off remain the same.

Please contact us for weekend rentals.
The hours of pickup and drop-off remain the same.

4. Costs

YOU can make your own online offer with the button calculate-reservation. 
You must select the correct camper number in the scrolldown menu.

5. Reservations

To make a reservations you can use the reservation button in the menu . 
To make sure you will receive your confirmation, make sure your e-mail address is filled in correctly.

6. Deposit

Deposit will be reimbursed between 3 and 6 weeks.
In case of damages or accidents this may take longer

7. Extra charge

The extra charge applies to the following weeks: (invullen) 

8. Drivers license

All motorhomes are suitable for normal drivers license unless mentioned differently e.g. camper sp2 and sp3.

9. Pets

Pets are not permitted in most of our motorhomes, please discuss this with us. 

10. Standard inventory


- bread board

- scissors

- plates

- knifes

- corkscrew

- cups

- forks

- litre

- coffee-cups

- spoons

- stock boxes

- soup-cups

- tea spoons

- cake box

- small bowls

- vegetables spoon

- washing-up bowl + brush

- pans with lid

- gravy spoon

- colander

- frying-pan 

- ladle

- bucket

- frying-pan with lid

- meat fork


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