Buy and buy back

Buy and Buy back deals at CF Amsterdam - Airport Schiphol

- What is buy and buy back?
Instead of renting a motorhome or RV you buy one with guaranteed prearranged buyback price.

- Why buy and buy back?
This allows you to enjoy a fabulous trip around Europe at lower cost and without the stress of trying to sell your motorhome/ RV when you leave Europe. 

- When buy and buy back?
Are you planning a trip with a motorhome for at least two months? From our experience it is then much more cost effective to actually buy a motorhome/RV and then sell it back to us at a guaranteed prearranged buy back price.

- Are there other benefits?
This also allows you to have a superior vehicle to enjoy the freedom to explore parts of Europe that you are not allowed to in a rental vehicle and to have a more relaxed end date arrangement whilst enjoying savings of 50% - 80% off the normal rental price.
And you will often have a warranty for the duration of your trip and professional advice at any time from our Supporteam!

We offer full assistance including motorhome / RV insurance and documentation, pick from the airport Amsterdam Schiphol and we can store RV's if you want to buy from us before you arrive or if you want to leave to vehicle for another visit.

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Wietze Mulder 


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